Friday, June 8, 2012

Travels with Bunny

My idea of a good vacation is usually one that, at first glance, appears to involve questionable judgement. Fully serviced beach vacation? Kill me now. A city break? Boring (unless it involves good food).  Here are examples of good past vacations:
  • "Let's walk to Zambia this afternoon."
  • "I'm three months pregnant, so let's go to the jungles of Belize."
  • "14 hours on a train in rural China?  Sure!"
  • "Is that a mouse? Uhh no, just a really hairy, really big spider."
  • "So looking at this map, we're hiking 45 miles in the desert carrying our own water.  I'm in!"
  • "I don't know how to alpine ski.  Night skiing down the intermediate slope?  Well. . .OK."
  • "Hmmmm. . . I think that area is mostly de-mined." (Please note that Cambodia is a very safe, and please consider making a donation to the HALO Trust
And here is videographic proof, courtesy of Maj. C (be kind, I'm pregnant and fat here).

But I temper these harebrained ideas with letting loose the strength of my planning Kung Fu.  I go into full research mode (which can be ugly given that I spent way too many years in grad school).  Planning involves lots and lots of lists.  I rehearse in my head what to do in the case of two-tail events.  Maj. C, who is equally a "planner" and versed in battlefield medicine, has a complete plan in case of Zombie Apocalypse.  For example, this is a real question he asked me last week, "Do we need bags of saline and this machete for the trip?"  Me, I know the emergency number, the address of the US embassy, and have a list of English speaking doctors.  I accept that I will pay the idiot tax and tourist tax.  Someone carries a PLB on my long hikes.  

Thus, I'm a well-prepared, well-provisioned person with questionable judgement on vacation.

It might surprise you that our next family summer production is one that is surprisingly tame: "Trans-America road trip!" Yes, that old chestnut, with a few caveats.
  1. We're driving an electric car
  2. We'll have an infant in tow
  3. We'll be camping in a tent with sed infant 
  4. Stay tuned for more details
Bad idea? Glad you think so.

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  1. I loved J's video. I think your next vacation is way too tame. How will Bunny live with herself if she hasn't at least trekked through the Grand Canyon before she's one?