Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Suspension of service

We were away on vacation from the 16-28 of July. . . I'll be posting about our road trip adventures, in arrears, starting tomorrow.  Regularly scheduled service should resume soon.

In the mean time, Bunny made her debut on cousin Sarah's Blog!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Packing a Bunny

I'm a bit of a procrastinator.  And I hate packing.
Thus, I've developed a skill so I can put everything I need for a two week business trip into a carry on bag in 10 minutes. Choosing the right fabrics help, and a well placed pretty scarf can make or break a suit (as well as cover up a stain).  A skillfully tied scarf can even become a a nice top: I once went to Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas, wearing nothing but a skirt, strappy sandals, and my favorite Hermes scarf. Wrap dresses are another go-to staple-- throw on a jacket, and you are all set.  Good quality jersey is compact, hangs correctly, and never wrinkles.  

Furthermore, I know how to pack light.  When your favorite hobby involves carrying all your food, shelter, and water for miles at a time (often up and down mountain ranges), you learn how to pare down.  I used to saw off the handle of my toothbrush.  Your packing skills are further honed, as every night you pack and repack your bag

I can't believe that on Friday I'm leaving for a 2 week trip driving across America with Bunny.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Capitalism, Red in Tooth and Claw

The Yard Sale was a success!  We made a comfortable profit (and I felt smug as I was within 3% of my financial projections), and Maj C and I decided donate 50% of our proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project. Not a huge sum of money, but a good thing to do with a bit of extra cash.

  • I spent time with my friends: it was lovely to spend time with the Ms LiteraryFirefly, her daughter, Ms W, and Ms J-- I can't imagine a better team of women to do such a labor intensive project
  • No more clutter in my house or garage
  • Many items are being used in their new homes-- I love that I did not have to throw away usable items
  • I learned I could donate all our old books to the library book sale starting 1 August.

But then there was the Bad

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chaos Theory

Everyone talks about downsizing and simplifying one’s life. 
“Get rid of clutter!”
“Sell your stuff!”
“Have a garage sale!”

Good advice.   However, the last bit of advice is missing a few steps.  It’s a bit like saying, “then build a rocket to the moon” or “drive to London.”

Yet,  Ms.  LiteraryFirefly, Ms E (Ms. LiteraryFirefly’s daughter and my niece), Ms J, Ms. W, and I decided to have a yard sale together.  The sale is tomorrow, and pure and utter chaos is about to ensue.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tender Victuals

In my former incarnation, I lived in a city with more Michelin stars than Paris.  I had an expense account and clients who simply insisted on being wined and dined.  And It Was Good.

In my present incarnation, I moved home to be with my family, and then have a family of my own.  This Was Also Good.

By alas, I was cast out of the Garden of Yum into the food desert that is Cape Cod.  I am left to wander, looking for manna, and finding none.  No more cute coffee shops, artisanal tofu, charming sommeliers.  No more 750 yen black cod lunches and insouciant noodles dishes.  No more pastries by French trained chefs down the street from my house.  No more flights to Hong Kong where I could overindulge my dim sum and shanghai crab cravings. No more Sundobu Chigae where Korean drama stars hung out when they came to town

There was much gnashing of teeth. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Flying with Bunny

I used to fly a lot. Once a quarter-ish, I would get on a plane in Tokyo and fly to a city a day for two weeks in the United States.  Then I would do the same in Europe, then do that for a week in Asia.  Some days were great, as it was the ultimate tasting menu for the travel junky. I flew so much that a good percentage of the time, I was automatically upgraded when I showed up at the air port. I stayed in nice hotels and dined on someone else's tab.  I had frequent traveler status in Heathrow so a retina scan, not my passport, would let me in the country.

Sometimes it was not so great.  A bad day started in Edinburgh, then a flight to a lunch meeting in Copenhagen, and then I finished the day in London.  Another bad day started with waking up in Chicago, flying to a meeting in Atlanta, and then finishing the day in Boston.  There was a trip in in which my luggage was lost and never ended up catching up to me until I got home. 

The worst was when I was seated next to a crying baby.  I was convinced that as a single female passenger I was always placed next to a woman with a kid.  Crying, screaming, messy babies.  Yuck. Don't they know I have a presentation to finish? Can't that lady control that kid?  

Karma, of course, is a bitch with big teeth.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bunny's room

A while back Bunny's room was featured on the design blog Apartment Therapy.  This was quite a thrill, as design junky, I love that blog.  You can see the write up here.  More photos here.  In progress photos here.