Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Internal Monologue: Yoga class

"Ommmmmm. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm.  Breathe. Inhale.  Did I send that email?  Exhale. What was the margin on that?   Inhale. I wonder what Bunny is doing.  Things for this weekend: I should move that plant, and move the mulch pile.  And do something about that vine.  What time was that thing?  Exhale.  And weed around the house.  And put down landscaping fabric.  Do I have any landscaping fabric? I need to write that report. I should rework the structure.  I should do a long run this weekend.  I should be a better yoga student.  I should be more present.  Concentrate.
What did he mean when he said that during the meeting?  And contact the lawyer about the IP thing.  I need to remember to pack the sunshade and mirror for the car trip.  When is this class going to end?  Another bloody Warrior?  I wonder if Warrior 2 resents Warrior 1-- probably not as Warrior 2 is a much more popular pose. Hehe, yoga poses with different personalities.  Cat-Cow is a stoner. Pigeon is neurotic.  Oh crap, I need to call Tokyo back: gah! Can I run in boots or should I also pack sneakers for vacation? Frack, how am I going to double my milage by August? Why did I sign up for this race? Why why why?  I should pack my Tevas, but they are so ugly.  And that blue cute outfit for Bunny. What if she gets sick on the trip?  What is Zombie Apocalypse happens on the trip? When are the London Olympics? Why did Greece get so worked up about that soccer match with Germany and what did that have to do with the Euro.  I don't get it.  Soccer is stupid.  I wonder what Maj. C is doing.  Hmm. He's so cute. [CENSORED] So if we sell this many units, that will cover our development costs. Clean out purse: why do you have three things of lip stuff?  How old is that lip gloss?  Just toss it.  But then again, it is Lancome and a cute color.  Maybe. Did I order groceries?  Bunny is so cute.  Oh damn, chaturanga.  I hate chaturanga.  I should go for a run today.  I want Michelle Obama arms. I hate running.  But yoga plus running is super virtuous.  I wonder if the Westchersters are coming to the Cape this summer.  I need to call them.  Is he still at Goldman? I should call them.   Make a note to call them. I need to make that organic broccoli into baby food tonight. I need coffee.  I want poutine.  Where can I get poutine around here? No, I want sondobu chigae. I can't get that here. Now I'm really hungry.  Oh yeah, corpse pose. Ommmmmm. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Ommmmmmmmmmmm."

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