Saturday, June 2, 2012

Becoming Mrs C.

It used to be:
Singaporean tranny bars, smelly cheese, hot noodles at midnight, impossibly handsome dodgy men, Grand Dame, air miles and endless, endless hours of work. Gym. Hangovers. And cute shoes.

Center front Colonial, only one (albeit impossibly handsome) man, two cats, and life in the suburbs. Wooly sweaters. Less work, and a different sort. Running by the sea. And L.L. Bean. Too much L.L. Bean. Lots of Malbec.

This blog, in short, is about transformations.

Mostly, this blog will focus on practical magic of the chemistry of gardening and cooking--eg how does cream transform into butter? That said, I thought I would start with my own transformation.

I suppose I'm not the first nor last to make that transition. But I'm trying to live simpler, rather than merely re-channeling my type A personality into my suburban alter-ego. That said, I'm not quite ready for giving up on adventure.

Mr. C. has promised me that our family motto will be "OK, let's do that." Given that, I have promised to become his Mrs. C.

A good trade, no?

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