Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Road Trip 2012: Day 1 (16 July 2012)

The plan: Maj. C, Bunny (10m) and I drive across America (Silicon Valley to Cape Cod) in an the Volt, an electric car (with extended gas miles)

Route: Today was a short driving day: Mountain View, CA to Yosemite National Park (163m)

Accommodations: Yosemite Pines Campground, about 45 minutes away from the park.
Gear: We took a page out of our hiking experiences and packed like items in individual bags.  All the grown-up clothes were in a one bag, all tech was in a backpack, all meal items were another, all of Bunny’s clothes were in another, etc.  This way, all you have to do is find the right bag to find the item that you need.  Also, like packing a hiking bag—zip lock bags are your friend. Also, our new tent, a 3 person Big Bertha, was awesome (my REI rebate is going to be awesome!)

The Volt:  It was surprisingly roomy, even with all our gear packed into it.  This included a baby seat, a stroller, a marine cooler, 3 pairs of boots (we accidentally packed two pairs of Maj C), diapers, portable tub, water filter, stove, wipes, and two weeks worth of baby food.

Grown up fun:  While past adventures were more minimalist in terms of gear, there is something to be said about car camping.  We had fresh pasta, sauce, wine, and goat cheese and crackers.  And box wine in single serving tetra-packs from Target. . .because we are klass-ee like that!

Bunny:  She loved camping!  Dirt, sun, bugs, people, animals, rocks, trees, water—nothing beats showing her the wonders of the world.

Highlights: I am convinced that the Volt GPS is out to kill us by sending us to some remote location and then over a cliff (see squirrel scene in the movie Rat Race).  Truly, the GPS chose “roads” in random places.  That said, it sent us through some quite scenic areas of the California, such as Red Hills Conservation Area where we had a lovely lunch by a trailhead.  Sometimes you have to go with the randomness.

Low points:  Bunny, who had been eating homemade baby food until now, hated packaged baby food (even the nice organic yuppie baby kind we brought with us).  Suddenly, meal times were a struggle.

Notes: Stop at the town of Chinese Camp’s Yosemite tourist office to book last minute campsite.  

Lessons learned: Yes, traveling across country with a baby is a bit mad. . .but sometimes the best adventures require a streak of crazy tempered with ruthless organization and planning.


  1. You are a very brave woman for road tripping with a baby! I have always wanted to visit Yosemite National Park, it sounds like you had a pleasant experience overall. Can't wait to read how the rest of your trip went :)

  2. So awesome! The trip sounds magical, and unforgettable. Kudos to you both for an experience of a lifetime! ��

  3. Sounds like it was a lot of fun and what a great experience for you all to share as a family! I would love to drive across American - though personally I will probably rent an RV of some kind. Way to go on the wine in a box! That is def on my Must Have list for all trips!!! Glad you made it back safe and sound!

  4. It sounds like a well organized family adventure! I'm looking forward to reading more about it!