Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Objects of desire

I’m taking a break on our Road Trip series to write about what’s really helpful to have as a working parent. . . I was inspired by Jessie's entry on Mama must-haves.  I liked the article as it’s a gentle reminder that it’s important to take care of oneself in this whole baby thing.

Here’s my list for the working executrix mom.
  •  House cleaning: This is a sanity saver.  I have a wonderful mother and daughter pair who, in 4 hours, make our place house beautiful.  I forgo coffee out, manicures and pedis, and have long gaps between hair appointments so I can justify this cost.  Once a month, the house is deep cleaned.  Day to day vacuuming from the fur-making machines (Cat T and Cat J) is done by the Roomba.
  •  A diaper bag you really love: Your diaper bag will go everywhere with you.  Life is further simplified when your diaper bag is also your purse, so choose something you love and goes with your work wardrobe.  Don’t choose something “for the baby” or matches with the stroller—this is a purchase for you, as you will use it non-stop for two years. I’m a huge fan of MZ Wallace bags.   Hilary Clinton carries one.  Like early Kate Spade, these bags are made for working.  Coated with Teflon, they repel dirt, and are designed for women with real lives and STUFF.  I can cram diaper stuff, a lap top, and DSLR in mine.  I can take it to a meeting without feeling stupid.  I found mine on sale, but still refused to tell Maj. C how much it cost.  And as it’s has a fantastic design, it will be turned into a weekend bag after the baby.
  •   Streaming TV: I’m not a TV watcher, but mindless Hulu while pumping was great!
  •  Brightly colored flats that make you dance.  I love heels, but baby wearing and heels were tough on me.  I got some great pink flats which perk up my boring post preggo fat clothes.
  •  Dr. Brommers Peppermint Pure Castile Soap.  I nearly crashed the car when I heard an NPR  reporter describe the soap as “having a Peppermint Pattie in your underwear.”  The soap is like a cup of coffee for your corporeal soul.
  • Lip stuff—If  you slick on Burt’s bees stuff, it looks like I’ve bothered to do my make up.
  • Perfume: Penhaligon’s Lily of the Valley makes me feel beautiful.  I’ve worn the scent since was 23 years old, when I moved to the UK.
  •  Peapod: I am totally grateful for delivery groceries.  I can stand in my kitchen with my laptop and check inventory and avoid the screaming child thing.  I’ve had to abandon a cart of stuff more than once due to a melt down.   By choosing a wider window and taking advantage of their specials, delivery costs are almost nothing.  I do tip the drivers who are always super nice and bring things into my kitchen.
Things that I love for Bunny, but didn’t expect to.
  •  Petit Bateau clothing.  As tom-boy, Barbie hater, and general non-fan of pink, I expected to dress my kid in utilitarian unisex clothing until she expressed a preference.  Then I met Bunny.  I love dressing her up.  And then I found Petit Bateau: the French know their fashion.  Exquisitely made, classic—these are the clothes on heavy rotation.  As they are outrageously priced, we were very lucky to have generous grandparents and friends!
  •  Boon Bottle Dryer is fun looking, and it looks like it will have another life after baby-dom.
  •   IKEA Circus tent: For $20, this tent sits in the corner and hides all the baby toys.  Plus it makes me smile.
  • Plastic jumper: Pre-kid, If you had told me that this Fisher Price monstrosity would sit among my MCM décor, I would have said you were crazy.  But it does, as Bunny LOVES it.  And therefore I love it as it allows me to pee in peace. 

There you have it!

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