Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Packing a Bunny

I'm a bit of a procrastinator.  And I hate packing.
Thus, I've developed a skill so I can put everything I need for a two week business trip into a carry on bag in 10 minutes. Choosing the right fabrics help, and a well placed pretty scarf can make or break a suit (as well as cover up a stain).  A skillfully tied scarf can even become a a nice top: I once went to Joël Robuchon in Las Vegas, wearing nothing but a skirt, strappy sandals, and my favorite Hermes scarf. Wrap dresses are another go-to staple-- throw on a jacket, and you are all set.  Good quality jersey is compact, hangs correctly, and never wrinkles.  

Furthermore, I know how to pack light.  When your favorite hobby involves carrying all your food, shelter, and water for miles at a time (often up and down mountain ranges), you learn how to pare down.  I used to saw off the handle of my toothbrush.  Your packing skills are further honed, as every night you pack and repack your bag

I can't believe that on Friday I'm leaving for a 2 week trip driving across America with Bunny.
 While Maj C's Volt will be carrying all of us, space is still at a premium.  So far, Maj C in CA has been tasked with packing the cooler, stove, shelter, emergency gear, travel IT etc. He's done great.
 I haven't packed our bag yet.  
That said, my stuff is easy.  On the bottom are all the clothes I'm carrying for my trip.  The bag that is the size of a 4inch think legal pad contains all all my clothes and underwear for 2 weeks.  It includes a skirt and black top for a nice-ish dinner out and head to toe rain gear.  On the top is my sleeping bag (rated for 15F) and pad.  Maj C has our tent-- so I'm good to go.  Yes, I might not be so fresh everyday, but Maj C is legally obliged to love me nonetheless.

The hard part is what to pack for Bunny.  I haven't a clue.  I have have piles stuff that I'm yet to organize.  Here is why

  • As Bunny poops in her pants, accidents happen-- this means many changes of clothes. 
  • Baby stuff is mostly all natural fibers (except the fleece stuff)-- so when it gets wet, it must come off.  Gortex and baby dry-layers are not common materials for baby stuff.  
  • The range in temperature is challenging: last time I was in Yellowstone in July, I hiked over snow packs.  And there are heat waves in the midwest.  So I have to plan for everything from freezing to 100F temperatures.
  •  I have our car mirror and window shade, which are bulky. 
  • And I'm packing an ergo.
  • I love making her look cute, which also means more extraneous stuff. 
  • Oh and camera equipment to capture her looking cute.  

It's not easy.  I'm still working on it. . .

So much for packing light!
Next post: The Bunny Bag

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